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Oxford, UK

dubai master plan

For the new Home we decided to place the experience of the landscape at the center of the house, organizing all programmatic experiences around this landscape and establishing a reference for a collective memory and association.


As the new Home will almost exclusively be reached by car, the main driveway is the first experience that will form a memory of the house. The landscaped driveway allows for a series of controlled views that tease the viewer without revealing the overall context. At the end of the driveway the road turns towards the house which forms a closed entity to the viewer. Only the landscaped driveway continues through and forms the beginning of an intimate garden courtyard.


This intimate garden courtyard forms the mystical starting point of all the surrounding landscaped gardens. The courtyard is central to all spatial experiences in the Home yet this courtyard is not directly accessible nor does it hold any program it is a dreamscape, a space of memory.


The new Home is organized in 3 programmatic experiences; Live, Play and Stay. These are stacked around the intimate courtyard garden and positioned to maximize views towards the surrounding landscape. All programmatic experiences are organized in a linear manner allowing for accessibility and sequence of use. The spaces are organized based on intensity of use and noise, creating public and more private spaces.


Each of the 3 programmatic experiences have a distinct material approach. Live - which holds the more public experience and the place where the family comes together has a solid materiality with large framed views towards the surrounding landscape.  Play – which holds the visual & physical programmatic experiences has a sensual materiality with diffuse views towards the surrounding landscape. Through the use of moving elements the relationship with the surrounding landscape can be altered. Stay – which holds the more private programmatic experiences has an intimate materiality with individually controlled views towards the surrounding landscape. Through sliding doors flexibility and adaptability is provided.

dubai master plan
dubai master plan
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