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DUTCH Urban Solutions is an architectural collaborative based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research. The company was established in 2013 under the creative direction of Richard Breit.



























Our projects are driven by a flexible set of methods that guide us through the design process. We have three consistent cornerstones of our work: comprehensive analysis of a project site, a rigorous and thorough experimentation process and the development of clear conceptual narratives


​As a collaborative of specialists we are proficient in a variety of design tools and utilize them to engage with projects on many scales - from comprehensive planning to urban furniture design. We seek to understand and consolidate the needs of a project on multiple scales, combining site specific spatial thinking, regional urban dynamics and an imaginative approach to the future of our cities.

We understand that great work comes from great partnerships. We endeavour to form forward thinking collaborations with our clients and partners by clearly and concretely communicating ideas early in the design process. We thrive in open and creative dialogues where our experienced project leaders can work together with clients and collaborators to formulate inspiring design directions and solutions.



We begin with thorough research and analysis that seeks to reframe problems and reveal hidden or forgotten layers.



We rigorously test multiple conceptual directions to maximize our ability to find and develop creative and effective solutions



We think a big part of the design process is invisible, and sometimes the narrative is the design itself.





























Visioning, Consulting & Design

We offer a wide experience in urban design best practice helping clients determine the optimum development yield and most sustainable urban solutions at all stages of the project. We provide the following services:

strategic planning, visioning & capacity studies, place making, concept master planning, detailed master planning, design-guidelines, control design regulations, concept architecture

Supporting your in-house design team

We can offer an in-house service offering management and design leadership on a freelance basis. This offers you access to the best urban design leadership for short term projects or competitions globally. This provides you maximum flexibility in an uncertain market. We have worked with the following companies on a wide range international high profile competitions and commissions




























Dutch Urban Solutions specialises on creating high end urban solutions. We offer the best collective Dutch expertise and experience in the field of urban and landscape master planning and design. We are committed to delivering an integrated sustainable approach to your master planning projects. We can offer the following services:





























DUTCH Urban Solutions is committed to improving buildings, public realms and cities through design solutions that are innovative, resilient and contextually sensitive. We place human experience at the centre of our work. Striving to create places that make people feel connected, stimulated and joyful.


​Urban Optimists

At the core of our thinking is the firm belief that great urban environments make our lives better. The contemporary city is a dynamic place and we invest our time imagining how it can be improved


Projects are Opportunities 

We are committed to the idea that every component of the city - big or small - contributes to the overall urban experience. Therefore we consider each and every project an important opportunity to give back to the building, street, neighborhood, city or region.


Thinking in Scales

We fully embrace the challenges of modern city building in our work. We aim to provide holistic solutions that blend ecosystem, economy, technology, identity and community.



























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