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Europan 14 - Concept Master Plan

Karlskrona, SE

Little Karlskrona

DUS is pleased to announce our competition entry for the Europan 14 - Karlskrona location. The competition provides a unique opportunity for the historic city of Karlskrona to re-establish its image as an island city on the sea. Karlskrona’s shoreline has been shaped through a fluid relationship between land and sea, constantly changing depending on the needs of its inhabitants. Little Karlskrona aims to embrace this historic relationship by creating a new island living community at the base of Bryggareberget. By placing the marina in the northern edge of the site, a new arrival experience for the city of Karlskrona is established.


Little Karlskrona development strategy is based on maximizing premium waterfront properties throughout the site. By placing the marina north the waterfront is brought straight to Muddret providing incentive for further investments in the area. The marina should act as a generator for new developments and by placing it right in the middle of the two sites we believe its impact is maximized.  Little Karlskrona is first developed as an online digital living environment, this 3D environment allows for future inhabitants to start shaping their houses and test future scenarios. The platform allows for different stakeholders to participate in the development of the different urban blocks creating an online identity prior to construction. The online platform will develop parallel to the real-life community and new technologies supporting care, learning, work and living can be integrated into the system.


Little Karlskrona aims to attract young families by providing an urban environment designed around the needs of children and the elderly. We believe it is essential that different generations can care for each other and participate actively in society. Each urban block offers a diversity of housing typologies, allowing for families in different stages in life to establish themselves, providing the basis for an engaged and productive living community. The core of Little Karlskrona is based on a car-free interconnected zone that provides access to schools, nurseries and community spaces. The island community aims to provide a lifestyle that is closely connected to the sea and leisure therefore the waterfront has been designed to facilitate watersports, swimming and nature activities. The waterfront aims to protect against rising sea-levels and increased rainfall while at the same time minimizing the distance between sea and inhabitants.

Creating 'Little' Karlskrona

Creating the productive block

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