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Leeuwarden, NL

dubai master plan

Our ambition is to establish an urban framework that actively engages local residents and business holders, fostering an urban 
environment that stimulates creativity and participation. The 
public realm in the historic centre should offer a platform for this civic and economic engagement. We therefore propose a small urban intervention on the corner of the Tuinen and Voorstreek. This site is perfectly located at an urban cross-point and can serve as a northern gateway for the historic city centre. The intervention takes the footprint and height of the existing building and consists of a horizontal and a vertical element; the Water Square and the Urban Cabinet.


The Urban Cabinet aim to engage and stimulate its surrounding. Through the use of projectors or led-screens the Cabinet has the ability to project images and films creating the opportunity to engage with its existing urban context. The Urban Cabinet aims to provide a platform for local business owners, educational institutes and local residents. The individual cabinets can be appropriated and adapted to specific uses and needs. We believe the Urban Cabinet could form an ideal platform for the hosting of the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

The Water Square is created by extending the pedestrian realm and limiting vehicular access through one side of the Tuinen. This move creates the opportunity for a high value urban space enhancing the overall pedestrian experience. In addition we propose to leave the canal alignment unchanged but create a stepped square allowing for a more intimate relationship between the city residents and the water. The Water Square should mirror the appropriation of the Urban Cabinet creating a narrative between the horizontal and vertical planes. This can be achieved through materiality, programming or lighting. 

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