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Detailed Master Plan

Yutaitianjie, China

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DUS was invited to collaborate with Woods Bagot for the resort master plan. The Yuntaishan National Park is one of China’s less well known treasures, yet centrally located and enjoying year round splendor. This concept master plan for resort living at this scenic destination is the first step in a vision to increase the prominence of this hidden gem while preserving the idyllic character of the park and its surroundings. Our Vision was to create an active resort communities sensitive to the character of Yuntaishan tranquil, low scale, mid- to highend hospitality uses, combined with retail, dining, entertainment that is compatible with the serenity of the national park

dubai masterplan jumeirah


Situated in Xiuwu county, Henan province, Yuntaishan is among the first group of world geology park, and it is the only scenic spots combines many names together in Henan province, like national tourist attraction, national AAAAA grade scenic spots, national geology park, national forest park, national water conservancy tourist attraction, national macaque protection zone, and national first group natural heritage. Covering an area of 190 square miles, the scenic spots are composed of many sightseeing places, such as the Tanpu Gorge, Quanpu Gorge, Red Stone Gorge, Zifang Lake, and Macaque Valley. Current zoning and development controls for the National Park protect most of the park from development activity. All three sites are located mainly within zones for
hospitality development, the northern edge of site to be restored and protected. The Resorts projects are situated on three sites: Site A of 38ha, Site B of 8ha, and Site C of 270ha. Site A is located west of the main Yuntai River, near the original entry to the park. Site B is located adjacent the original entry, and Site C is located directly to the east of the new Visitors’ Center and future train station.

dubai masterplan jumeirah


Our aim for the project was to create 3 resort communities that are integrated into the sensitive Yuntaishan landscape. The resorts offer a mixed use program of high-end hospitality uses, combined with retail, dining and entertainment that is compatible with the serenity of the national park. The geological landscape sites form the unifying backdrop for 3 unique pedestrian orientated leisure communities.

Location 01 - The Hanging Terraces

Exclusive retreat resort with two 5 star hotels and potential for serviced residences hanging from the mountainslopes. Villas and multilevel apartments on slope edges. Boutique courtyard units surrounding a retail village within a ring of landscape agriculture.

Location 02 - West Face Village

The community centre with one 4 star hotel including 5 star suites in the foothills. The West Face Village hosts an event centre with destination retail and dining clustered around the central square.


Location 03 - The Hilltown Ranches and Waterscape

Retail village adjacent the Visitors’ Centre, with a children’s theme hotel and a castle themed hotel, water theatre, ice rink, indoor water recreation world, indoor ski slope tucked into the hillside, all around apartments over retail walk and riverside dining promenade.

dubai masterplan jumeirah
dubai masterplan jumeirah
dubai masterplan jumeirah
dubai masterplan jumeirah
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