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Urban intervention

Competition - Europan 13

Leeuwarden, NL

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Ping Luo aims to establish a balance between production, innovation, living and ecology, creating new benchmark for productive living environments. The new town centre should offer a pleasant living & working community centred around the Puhe River ecological park. The project is part of the greater regional vision of northwestern Shenyang to establish a global leading industrial and innovation centre. Considering the unique beauty and heritage of the Pu river, and the importance of holding on to the genesis of generations, the Pu Wan New Town master plan shall endeavour to protect the riverside eco-system and landscape corridor while creating the future new town. 

development strategy

The project aims to provide a mixed use development consisting of industrial, R&D, housing and retail on a 250 Ha river front site. The plan creates a series of green corridors that aim to integrate the eco river park with the urban fabric. The new city centre is subdivided in 3 small town centres each with a distinct character. The aim was to create a friendly working and living environment that offers flexibility and adaptability in phasing. 

development strategy
development strategy

The landscape design draws inspiration from the existing landscape found in the region. A design centered on creating sustainable and innovative open spaces and a waterfront where residents and visitors can walk a continuous loop along parks, plazas, gardens, terraces and wetlands around the natural setting of the environment. This will establish a unique framework that fosters connectivity, diversity and ecological harmony that will benefit the community.

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