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Regional Vision Plan

Helsinki, Finland

DUS was invited to collaborate with DN Urbland. The competition was the first step for the greater municipality of Helsinki to establish the region on a global level. The aim was to establish a first class living and leisure environment to attract new industries to the area. With the aim to grow to two million people and the presence of a vast open landscape, Greater Helsinki has the potential to develop into an attractive, competitive and sustainable metropolitan region.


THIRDLIFE takes a leap forward, towards this metropolitan development. By entering this stage in its development, Greater Helsinki will establish its position as the economic generator of Finland and become a player in the global network of metropolises.


The challenge for the region is to combine urban growth with the preservation of landscape and nature. Concentrated urban development diminishes urban sprawl and brings nature close to the urban environment, and steers away from current spatial planning. The coastline, which is the most powerful characteristic of the region, forms the basis for the emergence of a sea metropolis, offering the most desirable and typical Finnish living conditions. DN Urbland won 3rd price and currently some of the key elements are part of municipal planning policy and regulation.



Competition commissioned by Helsinki Municipality


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Regional Vision Plan



Currently partly adopted in regional development policy

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