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Dutch Urban Solutions has a core staff of 6 designers and team leaders. We collaborate with consultants in sustainability, building engineering, structural design, cost management, civil engineering, process management, traffic management and environmental engineering. It is with this broad range of talent and perspective, experience with design, and love for design, that we would like to convince you that we are capable of designing original, beautiful and feasible plans for almost any request you could possibly have.



Dutch Urban Solutions has over 12 years of experience at the leading edge of best practice in the development of sustainable urban solutions. Dutch Urban Solutions works with a selection of associates, who contribute resource and expertise as required, according to client needs on a project-by-project basis. We can put together the optimum consultant team, as required by the client, drawing from a wide network.



Dutch Urban Solutions has continually expanded its capabilities through prolonged collaboration with an extended network of international consultants, partners, and advisors across the globe. This network enables us to work efficiently anywhere in the world. 


As a network practice, a highly flexible methodological approach has been developed which incorporates parametric designing and collaborations with leading specialists in other disciplines. With this network approach Dutch Urban Solutions can setup multidisciplinary teams from early stages onwards in order to create an efficient and integrated working process. This dynamic nature of the practice enables the exploration of new territories and the adaptation to future challenges. Our aim is to have the best professional specialist with the most relevant experience on each project.
































Road & Traffic Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Sustainability Specialists

Market Consultants

Hydrology Engineers

Utility Engineers

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